bluefish Bluefish logo is an open source editor. It was originally designed as an HTML editor for Linux systems. I started participating in this project in around 2005 with some basic autotools related stuff for upstream and also with my first packaging attempts for the Debian Linux distribution. I became the official Debian package maintainer even in the . Since then my upstream related tasks within this project were:

  • maintain and improve autotools related build infrastructure
  • maintain German translation
  • fix bugs (especially those reported by Debian users)
  • add some functionality (mainly for improving website accessibility and SEO)
  • improve the PCRE based syntax highlighting files of bluefish series 1.x
  • improve modern Linux desktop integration (implement standards)
  • co-maintain and update the project websites
  • initially port the program to run on Windows (first run on Cygwin, later run natively)
  • make the internationalization (using gettext) work on Windows
  • create a first Windows installer

As Debian package maintainer I

for the distribution.

Today bluefish is a full-featured editor targeted not only towards web-developers but to programmers too. Even if based on GTK it uses a self-written and fast syntax highlighting engine instead of GtkSourceView. I was part of the upstream author team and the Debian package maintainer until and I enjoyed working with Olivier Sessink and the other members of the team. Thanks for a great time.